Certificate Course on Probable Maximum Loss


Certificate Course on Probable Maximum Loss

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Get a complete overview of the concept of Probable Maximum Loss



This is a 3 Hours Online Certificate course on Probable Maximum Loss.

Probable maximum loss (PML) is the maximum loss that an insurer would be expected to incur on an insurance policy. Probable maximum loss (PML) is most often associated with insurance policies on property insurance,

The probable maximum loss (PML) represents the worst-case scenario for an insurer and helps determine the premiums that a policyholder will have to pay on their insurance policy.

Insurance companies use a wide variety of data, including probable maximum loss (PML), when determining the risk associated with underwriting a new insurance policy, a process that also helps set the premium. Insurers review past loss experience for similar perils, demographic and geographic risk profiles, and industry-wide information to set the premium.

Underwriters use probable maximum loss calculations to estimate the highest maximum claim that a business most likely will file, versus what it could file, for damages resulting from a catastrophic event.

This course aims to give an overview of the concept of Probable Maximum Loss

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